Game Review: F1 2019

Even a handful of years ago the content and graphics that we now see in gaming would have been inconceivable. This is especially true when you consider Codemasters’ latest offering, F1 2019. Gameplay When you get into the heart of your F1 career most of the mechanics remain the same as experienced in F1 2018.…… Continue reading Game Review: F1 2019

Game Review: F1 2018

There’s a specific time of year that those gamers inclined towards F1 get a little bit giddy. It’s around mid-year when Codemasters announce the launch date for its latest installment in the F1 game franchise. To build anticipation to a fever pitch this is also underscored by the release of dev diaries and beta testers…… Continue reading Game Review: F1 2018

Game Review: The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

In 2000 EA Games released a title that likely hoped would catch on and interest gamers. Developed by Maxis, This Sims hasn’t only gone on to interest gamers but has given rise to vast fandom that likely continues to grow on a daily basis. Now in its fourth installment The Sims has come a long…… Continue reading Game Review: The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs