F1 2020 Game Review

When Codemasters took over the franchise of F1 games there were those who had doubts and there were those that had a wish list twice as long Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

Year on year the doubters have been silenced and Codemasters have steadily chipped away at the lengthy wish lists. But surely those most outlandish dreams on said wish lists were assumed to be mere pipe dreams destined to remain fantasy. After all, it is a title based on the F1 season of a given year; a race around a set calendar with real-world teams. You would assume then that there’s only so much evolution that can take place in terms of gameplay. But Codemasters has set such a lofty benchmark for itself with every new F1 release that now even some of the most incredible wishes have been granted.

Not only has Codemasters produced a brilliant F1 racing game but also they have combined it with a fully-fledged management sim. In F1 2020 you are the boss. In the new ‘My Team’ features players can, for the first time ever, create their own teams from scratch and line it up on the F1 grid as the 11th team in the paddock.

You won’t only be the boss though as you’ll be pulling double-duty as a driver too. In addition to customizing your own character there is a whole host of important decisions to be made. From selecting a team name, a second driver, a new livery, main sponsors, and an engine supplier to managing the various departments the new game mode is stuffed full of content that will keep you busy and engaged for some time to come.

The handling model of the title has been overhauled too. In many instances the handling of the 2020 cars feels slightly easier to manage but you’ll have to take more care accelerating out of corners as the cars now have slightly less traction. There are a litany of things that standout in F1 2020 from the razor sharp graphics to the minute details of the asphalt on the different track surfaces. The sound deserves its own mention. From the ultra-realistic gear shifts to the throaty off-throttle growl of the Honda engine to the plank of the Alpha Tauri skimming along the main strait of Brazil’s Interlagos circuit – the sound in F1 2020 is a marvel.

A tour, or several, around the newly added Zaandvoort circuit is highly recommended too. The experience is a spectacular tear around the undulating Dutch circuit akin to an exhilarating rollercoaster jaunt. You don’t have to feel daunted by F1 2020 either as a new set of assists allows even the most inexperienced gamers to try their hand at it and have fun while doing so.

In addition to the sparkly new features it also maintains several customary game modes (Time Trial, Grand Prix) including a traditional career mode, which allows the player to step into any of the current F1 teams and perform simply as a driver. And if you’re not ready for the cutthroat world of F1 you can ply your trade at F2 level with the full rostrum at your disposal.

If you are looking for the most complete racing experience possible then look no further than F1 2020 by Codemasters. Dazzlingly authentic, stunningly engrossing, F1 2020 is a wonder.



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