Game Review: The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs

In 2000 EA Games released a title that likely hoped would catch on and interest gamers. Developed by Maxis, This Sims hasn’t only gone on to interest gamers but has given rise to vast fandom that likely continues to grow on a daily basis.

Now in its fourth installment The Sims has come a long way in seventeen years. While the base game by itself is an impressive feat of gaming development it’s the expansions to the gameplay that has kept the franchise alive and players, across the globe, enthralled. From taking your Sims on a spa day to living life as a vampire, to detailed customization of their appearance, there’s little that you can’t do as a Sim.

Sims41The most recent expansion pack, Cats & Dogs, further grows gameplay by introducing pets to the Sim household. I’ve you’ve been a fan of the franchise for some time you’ll be no stranger to pets as they have appeared in previous editions of the game. However, for The Sims 4 this new addition is bigger and more detailed than ever.

Packed with a litany of breeds of cats and dogs the level of detail in the revamped Create-a-Pet is remarkable. If you’re not keen on a purebred you can mix and match breeds to your creative intent. Similarly, you’ll also be able to customize your pets’ coats with a plethora of different designs in any colour you like. And if this wasn’t enough you’ll even be able to dress your pets in an array of outfits that includes, amongst others, a hotdog costume. What’s more, if you’re not into creating a pet you have the choice of adopting a pet or taking in a stray or seven.

Sims42Just as in real life you pet will have personality traits ranging from loyal to troublemaker to mention a few. As in reality you’ll not be able to control your pets but will be able to care for, train, and play with them. In addition of plethora of build/buy items added to the catalogue the expansion pack also introduces a new town called Brindelton Bay which is a sort of coastal town where you can take your much-loved pet for a stroll and strike up conversations with other local animal lovers.

Cast & Dogs also introduces a new veterinarian career for your animal loving sim. Buy a vet clinic and build it your specifications as you manage your staff and cure sickly cats and dogs from various ailments such as lava nose and the prismatic poop plague. Pets can also be spayed and somehow un-spayed if you later change your mind and want to have a litter of puppies licking your face and clambouring for attention.

From excitable pups to seemingly docile but probably-plotting-global-takeover kitties this expansion pack finally completes the Sims household and is absolutely worth getting.




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