Game Review: The Sims 4, Get Famous

Lights! Camera! Sims! Say hello to Del Sol Valley and stardom as your Sims can finally set off on the path to attaining fame….or infamy.

Get Famous is the latest expansion pack to join the burgeoning collection of the Sims 4 universe. Complete with snooty stars (we’re looking at you Judith Ward), the new Sims neighbourbood, known as Del Sol Valley, sports a replica of downtown Los Angeles and the famed Hollywood Hills.

sims3.jpgWhile the new neighbourhood adds a lot to the game and is simply gorgeous it is rather small and limited in terms of what you can interact with. For one, it would have been amazing to explore downtown LA…err Del Sol Valley.

The new acting career is an interactive one which means you get to go to the studio/set with your budding actor/actress. Your Sim will start off as a complete unknown and attempting to ace auditions which lead to starring in lowly TV commercials. The acting career is properly fleshed out as your Sim tries to first gain notoriety in TV ads before progressing to the silver screen and bigger things. Hair and make-up and smoozing with your co-stars and director is as important as knowing your lines in this career.

Sims05It’s not all about being in front of the camera either as this expansion pack also introduces media production skill which allows your Sim to become an “influencer”. A new computer set-up complete with camera and lights allows recorded videos to be edited before being uploaded and, hopefully, attaining internet fame or at least a handful of followeres. But you’ve got to stay on point though by researching trends and playing to your audience/follower’s interest.

A perk tree, specially focused on fame, allows you to move up the ranks and even develop new quirks such as a phobia of touching or becoming sad from not admiring “your fine self” in the mirror enough. There are also a few new aspirations including the ambition to become world famous or to be a master actor/actress. These aspirations automatically attribute specific traits to your Sims too such as the muser.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 18.19.06There is also a ton of new build and buy mode objects and as well as new clothes, hairstyles, and accessories in create-a-sim. Some of the additions, read a rainbow-inspired hairdo, are way over the top. But it’s showbiz and we would expect nothing less.

What stands out most in the build and buy mode are the sets. From post-apocalyptic streets, to pirate ships, to street scenes, to giant green screens Get Famous has just about covered every genre.

Get Famous really does go above and beyond in delivering a more complete life experience for your Sims than ever before. This is easily the best expansion pack that the Sims team has produced and you are likely to sink many hours into exhausting it’s many avenues towards fame.

Ge famous is available from Raru right now! Click on the link below.



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