Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is a song you’ve heard at least once. And when you did it was probably unlike anything you’d ever heard before. It’s a song that almost 40 years later is still one of the most influential and memorable songs of all time. It’s apt then that a film of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s epic journey is named after this legendary song.

Biopics are notoriously difficult to get right. The subject matter is often well known by legions of fans and this is especially true of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s meteoric rise to fame and attainment legend status. How do you condense such a larger than life, genial, life into two hours?

While most point out the script as the most important key to any successful film casting isn’t far behind. It would have been a difficult question to answer if you were asked who could possibly be capable of portraying the magnificent Freddie Mercury. After all he isn’t only a legend of his own generation but continues to be regarded as such till today.

The fate of this film was always going to hang on the portrayal of Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek delivers a mesmerizing performance that you will not soon forget. In the performance/singing scenes he makes you believe that he is Freddie Mercury. It can’t and wont be a surprise to anyone if Malek picks up an Oscar for this portrayal. The casting too of Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon is spot on.

Visually the film excels brilliantly especially when allowing the audience to experience the 1985 Live Aid stage from the performers perspective. This is particularly when seeing Bohemian Rhapsody in IMAX is more than worth it. If you don’t experience several goosebump moments and tear up at least once then you need to have a doctor check your pulse.

In an era where most pop songs sound the same it’s no surprise that four decades later we still can’t stop listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. It would be a travesty of monumental proportions if the world, in any era, ever forgot about the majestic brilliance of Queen and Freddie Mercury. With this film their legacy has been it safeguarded even more. What a joy the whole experience was.



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