Figure Review: Wonder Woman Rock Candy

The recent release of the Justice League film has catapulted Wonder Woman back to the forefront of fan’s awareness. Mind you, she wasn’t exactly far away from it to start with.

It seems as good a time as any then to revisit and review Funko’s Rock Candy Wonder Woman figures. For the purpose of this review we’ll be focusing on the Batman v Superman Wonder Woman and the Wonder Woman Movie figure both available at Raru.

If you’d never heard of Rock Candy before you would be forgiven for thinking it’s sugary convection made for human consumption. In this context though it refers to one of Funko’s lines of 5 inch, or roughly 13 cm, stylized figures.

First up is the Batman v Superman Wonder Woman. As is stands this figure is based on the 15 minute appearance Wonder Woman makes at the of Batman v Superman. Hence, there are some differences in her classic costume as compared to the epic that is standalone Wonder Woman film.

A general overview reveals Diana in her classic Wonder Woman costume complete with the Lasso of truth but without her shield or sword. She also sports the gold tiara, trademark red and gold boots, and silver gauntlets.

The colour choices on the figure are less vibrant than you would probably like. For instance, the Lasso of truth probably should have been painted with a more vibrant gold colour given that it glows when used. Similarly, Wonder Woman’s red chest plate and blue skirt would have look much better had it been a shade or two more vibrant.

The gauntlets are well finished off and nicely detailed all the way down to little to the small clasps with which the faster around the wrists. The boots and knee pads again lack the vibrancy that would’ve made the figure pop. While the hair is flowing and nicely sculpted they’ve made Wonder Woman a brunette! It is evident from her appearance in Batman v Superman that her hair is definitely more black than it is brown.

The other oddity with the figure is the fact that they harness has been included but without any shield or sword. There is a third figure in this wave that includes the shield and ‘God killer’ sword. As with all Rock Candy figures there is no articulation. Here she’s stood with hand on hip in what isn’t really a very Wonder Woman-esque pose. It might be a bit nit-picky but the pose just doesn’t convey the badass-ness of Wonder Woman.

The second figure in this review is from the character as seen in the Wonder Woman film. Instead of the iconic red, gold, and blue costume Wonder Woman is sporting her training gear [insert flashback to epic training scene in Themiscyra here].

Overall the colouring is far better and presents a more realistic capturing of the character in this form. However, for some reason Wonder Woman is still a brunette. Nevertheless, the gold-ish chest plate has good detailing along with the ever-present gauntlets, beige-y coloured skirt and the leather gladiator boots makes for quite a nice ensemble.

While the harness is still in place she still doesn’t have a shield. However, they have swopped the Lasso of truth for Wonder Woman’s sword and it’s very nice. The detailing on the sword, including the grip and small details in the blade of the sword is nearly the best feature of this figure.

The best part of this figure is the warrior pose. With her feet flat on the ground and clenched fists Wonder Woman conveys a real sense of authority and power.

Should you add these figures to your collection? If you’re an indiscriminate collector of Wonder Woman paraphernalia then these are worth getting, as they are relatively inexpensive.



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