Figure Review: Funko Pop! – Alias

Funko Pop Vinyls are, arguably, one the most enjoyable collections to start, maintain, or expand. But be warned – many an ordinary collector has succumbed to the irresistible urge of throwing caution to the wind and growing their Funko empires with reckless abandon.

Beyond the amazing range of Pops that they continue to churn out the other cool thing about Funko is that what they release isn’t necessarily time sensitive. Yes, you’ll find the latest characters from Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok adorably represented in Funko form but the company also regularly pays homage to past icons, films, and television series that have long since gone off the air.

More recently, Funko has released a wave of four Pops of the TV series Alias’ main character Sydney Bristow. The series, which began airing in 2001, ran for five seasons and introduced us to the multi-skilled super-spy Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner. A master of disguise Sydney is recruited by the CIA and poses as an operative for the criminal organization SD-6. Created by J.J. Abrams, Alias was a series chock-full of realistic plots and a main character that was easy to root for. Besides further starring Victor Garber, as Sydney’s father, and Michael Vartan, this series also happened to introduce on Bradley Cooper to the world.

It’s only fitting then that such an iconic series and main character have it’s own line of Pops. Besides her badass spy skills Sydney was also well known for her colourful disguises, which is where Funko’s focus is.

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The first sees Sydney is an electric blue mini-dress complete with black high-heels and blonde wig. The standout feature on this Pop is the high-heeled shoes, which boasts impressive detailing on the straps and small buckle on top of the foot. What’s more, even the toenails have been painted to match the blue of the dress without any of the paint having smudge or spilled over onto the rest of the figure.

The next figure, featured in episode twenty-two of Season 1, depicts Sydney’s Goth look as the sports a blue wig and all black get up. Funko have shown great attention to detail here with the choker and wristbands meticulously sculpted to include the silver accents. While the sheer top is nicely modeled it would’ve been nice to have a bit more sheen on what are supposed to be leather pants.

The next pop in the wave jumps to the first episode of Season 4 during which Sydney dons a schoolgirl outfit. Funko have the outfit down to a tee, including the plaid skirt and black calf-length socks. The only gripe with the outfit is that safety pins on the front of the skirt are bigger than the original version. Still, it’s an acceptably cool replica of the outfit.

While all of Sydney’s costumes in Alias are well known the most iconic look for the character was, arguably, the day-glow red wig, which she first wears in the first episode of the series. The famous red hair is seen several more times before the series end in 2006. Funko have brought it back to life and thankfully it’s as vibrant as it was in the series. The outfit it’s been paired with is an all-black ensemble that perfectly contrasts with the hair.

Ultimately, there’s little fault in Funko’s Alias pops. We only hope that we see another wave of memorable Sydney costumes and perhaps even a few of her sidekicks.



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