Fanatec To Release McLaren GT3 Wheel

Sim racing maestros Fanatec have announced the release of the McLaren GT3 CSL Elite steering wheel and it’s a beaut.

The GT3 steering wheel is an exact replica of those used in McLaren’s GT3 race cars. Not only that but Fanatec have once again gone the extra mile to ensure quality by designing the switches, paddles, dials, the shape and the size directly from the original McLaren CAD files.

The wheel also boasts an exchangeable Quick Release and an OLED display. And if that’s not enough Fanatec have further improved the functionality of the tuning menu. But it’s the dual-clutch system which is likely to be one of the most anticipated features of the wheel.

Fanatec has confirmed that the wheel comes with F1 style dual-clutch bite-point mode, where you can determine the optimal clutch bite-point and achieve the best start every time when the lights go off! Are you geeking out as much as I am right now?

With a plethora of additional features the highly anticipated McLaren GT3 wheel will be available from the 15th of February on the Fanatec website.




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