What We Know About X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The latest character that is slated to get the feature film treatment in the X-Men ensemble is Jean Grey. Entitled X-Men: Dark Phoenix the film’s plot is set to explore the story of younger Jean Grey.

X-Men comic book aficionados know Jean Grey, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, from her first appearance in The X-Men #1 in September 1963. Born with the super abilities of telekinesis and telepathy Jean Grey also has to deal with her Omega-level mutant alter ego Phoenix whose power range from generating fire to controlling time and space to warping reality.

It isn’t the first time that Jean Grey has graced the big screen. In the first X-Men film, in 2000, Famke Janssen played the much-beloved Jean Grey. But Janssen will sadly not be reprising her role.

Instead Jean Grey will be portrayed by Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner who’s first X-Men outing was in 2016’s Apocalypse. The last installment in the X-Men franchise was not exactly the greatest cinematic feat in the Superhero genre. In fact, the casting of several characters in Apocalypse felt a bit flat. Nevertheless, it is here that we got our first glimpse of Turner’s younger Jean Grey.

While Janssen’s marvelous portrayal of Jean Grey is tough to match Turner’s performance in Apocalypse was rather underwhelming and wooden despite playing a different, younger, version of the character. Hopefully, she’ll shine a stand-alone film where the character will, with any luck, not be drowned out by weird timelines and too many characters, which did little to serve the overall plot.

What is known, so far, about the film is that first-time director Simon Kinberg has confirmed that it will be set in the 90s with elements of time travel woven in. While Turner is already set for the starring role there has been further confirmation that Evan Peters (American Horror Story) will reprise his role as Quicksilver and most fans would certainly agree that he’s a more than welcome return.

Along with a confirmed appearance by Dazzler other returning cast members include Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier). And sure to instantly boost the appeal of the film will be the inclusion of Michael Fassbender. As far as villains are concerned the rumour making the rounds is that Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain is in talks to play the empress of alien empire Shi’ar, Lilandra. We do hope that the narrative will stay central to Jean Grey and not be overwhelmed or distracted by the other characters.

Dark Phoenix, a 20th Century Fox film, is due out in November 2018.