Film Review: The Hustle

Often times we look for deeper meaning in films. What is the philosophical significance of it and what impact will it have on you as a person. But not all films are made to evoke such thought-provoking examinations. Some, like The Hustle, are simply a bit of escapism wrapped up in an honest-to-goodness comedy.

There are more than few moments in the film that will induce genuine chuckles from the audience and several instances that evoked uproarious laughter. Overall, the cons in the film might be graded as somewhat thin and lacking in real finesse which is indicative of a feeling that the writers didn’t have enough time to work on the finer details of the script.

Nevertheless, not only are their comedic chops top notch but the wonderful chemistry between Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson undeniably elevates the film. As a veteran of Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids for Wilson comedy is a easy and expected space and she excels at it time and again. However, Hathaway is fairly new to the genre but nevertheless flexes her comedic muscles superbly with a worthy performance as the melodramatic master con artist Josephine Chesterfield. Typecasting most definitely will never be a problem for her.

As a female-led remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels this film probably does not usurp the original. But then it didn’t try to. Yes, it’s led by two women but it’s also not an attempt at any sort of feminist call to arms. It really is just a very funny comedy with a marvelous nugget for South African audiences to boot.



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