Figure Reviews: Icon Heroes Once Upon A Time SDCC Exclusives

It’s easy to say that the TV series Once Upon A Time has changed my life. I started watching the fairytale-centric series plainly because I had nothing better to do and, in a word, I was enthralled from the word go.

It was, at the time, unlike anything I’d ever seen before. The originality of taking the well-known fairytale narratives and delving deeper into the stories and making some adjustments to them was utterly unique and authentic. I was so fascinated by the series, and especially the flawless writing and portrayal of the Evil Queen that I wrote an entire Masters thesis on the character’s development from folklore through fairytales and films to what we’ve seen in Once Upon A Time.

IMG_4092And in true infatuated fashion I had also started a Once collection which includes books, trading cards, some personalized autographs from the Queen (Lana Parrilla) herself and, of course, collectible figures.

Until recently, Funko were the only company to put out Once-related figures but now Icon Heroes have come to the party with a range of figures. In this review we’ll be focusing on the 2017 San Diego Comic Con exclusives by Icon Heroes, which includes the Evil Queen Deluxe collectible Statue and the Emma Swan Exclusive.

Evil Queen Deluxe Collectible Statue

The statue stands at around 8 inches (roughly 20 cm) and is made entirely from hand-painted Polystone. The statue is not articulated but does have two interchangeable arms, in one of which she holds the famed apple. The statue also includes a certificate of authenticity, which further includes the limited edition number of the statue.

The outfit that Icon Heroes have chosen for the statue is from Season 4’s episode titled Shattered Glass. While not the most iconic of her incredible attires throughout the seasons this outfit is perfectly menacing and makes for some ominous pictures too. In terms of the sculpting of the statue there is little that can be faulted. While the exaggerated train of her coat is especially well crafted the feet of the statue are a bit disproportionate.

As one of only 300 statues and a SDCC Exclusive the Evil Queen is a must have for most Once fans. However, there is a rather glaring letdown to the piece. The likeness leaves a lot to be desired, which is disappointing when you consider how long Icon Heroes have been working on the Once-range. It’s even more of a letdown in comparison the rest of the statue, which is amazingly detailed and captures the Evil Queen’s attire and signature regal pose to a tee.


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Emma Swan Exclusive

The second of Icon Heroes’ Once Upon A Time 2017 SDCC’s Exclusive was Emma Swan (Blue Jacket). Limited the 500 pieces one of my favourite things about this figure is its packaging. The box is a cardboard replica of the storybook that effectively kicked off the series and it’s a lovely homage to the roots of the show.

At 6 inches, or just over 15 centimeters, the figure is fully adjustable, including arms, legs, feet, hands, and torso. Emma Swan though isn’t wearing her customary red jacket but instead is sporting a blue jacket that you’d first have seen in Season One of the show. It’s a nice way for Icon Heroes to distinguish that this is an exclusive figure.

The figure is made out of plastic and comes with a beanie, which is made from material and a few other bits and pieces, which we’ll put in chronological order. [SPOILER ALERT]

  1. A sheriff’s badge which Emma gets in Season One;
  2. Charming’s sword (and sheath) which Emma uses to ‘slay’ Maleficent in dragon form in the Season One Finale;
  3. Emma Swan Dark One Dagger from when the Savior sacrificed herself for Regina, in Season Five, and thereby became the Dark One.

In addition, an interchangeable left hand is also included. No, Rumplestilskin didn’t cut it off in a fit of rage-y revenge but rather is included to make holding the items easier.

In term of display it’s not the easier figure to pose and will likely require the help of a stand. That’s if you’re going to remove it from the box of course. Unlike the Evil Queen statue this figure has a much better likeness to the character is stems from and when you look at it you’ll have no doubt that you’re looking at Emma Swan.

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