Review: A Quiet Place 2

Acclaimed by critics and audiences alike 2018’s A Quiet Place not only set a new standard for the modern horror genre but also transcended it. As a story with love of family at its core John Krasinski conjured a film seemingly perfect in its originality. It didn’t seem possible for a sequel to improve upon it but A Quite Place 2 just might have. 

A Quiet Place 2 is a suspense drive journey that hardly lets you breath for any of its 1 hour and thirty-seven minute running time. It is so beautifully balanced that the audience is hardly aware that any time is passing at all. As such, the ending comes as a surprise but only because you are so invested in the story that not much attention is paid to the possible conclusion of the film.

In the final scene of the first film you’re given a glimpse of the monsters and part two builds on this significantly. In this sequel the monsters are revealed and expanded on in all of their unsettling monstrosity. Krasinski and co doesn’t waste any of the audience’s time though and certainly understands the intelligence of moviegoers. There is no needless exposition and this translates into a seriously slick film. 

The film truly excels with the performances of the brilliant cast. There is no doubt that Emily Blunt has perfected the quiet terror as she effortlessly flits between dread and fear. But if there anyone that outshines Blunt it is her on-screen daughter Regan played my Millicent Simmonds. Her performance is brave and committed and one that perfectly underlines the core message of the film. 

As in the first film the underlying messages in part 2 are unmistakable. In addition to the themes of sacrifice and love and grief the overarching message in this film centers on not giving up the fight and not simply accepting things as they are. It speaks to the belief in you that if you don’t give up that you can change your circumstances for the better.  

If you loved the first film then part 2 will not disappoint. It’s slick and through the passionate and masterful crafting by director John Krasinski A Quiet Place 2 is one of the best sequels to be produced in quite some time.  


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