Hillary – Review

“I don’t know if we are ever ready for the people who blaze the trail. We are ready for the people who come after them because someone has created enough space to not have to shrink to fit” – Cheryl Mills

Hillary Clinton. There are those that love her and there are those that gleefully profess their hatred of her. What is an unequivocally true is that the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name has always evoked strong reactions.

Hulu, with director Nanette Burstein at the helm, has produced a four-episode documentary series with Hillary Clinton as its principal focus. It isn’t a Hillary love fest though. Instead it goes beyond the unrelenting headlines, the ‘scandals’ and it tells a stirring and humbling story of for a woman who has endured agonising public losses, faced her toughest critics and has continued to get back into the ring despite it.

The docuseries also provides an amazing look at Clinton’s unmistakable role in the rise of feminism in the last 50 years. Despite these advancements the documentary confirms that the status quo is still uncomfortable with a woman in charge.

The topics covered range from Whitewater to Monica Lewinsky and nothing is off limits. She addresses every aspect of her life and career. Many will be surprised to know that, as First Lady, Clinton headed the fight for universal healthcare way before Bernie Sanders was even a blip on the national political radar. Similarly, she never touted her long-standing relationship with black churches in order to get a bump in the polls.

This documentary should be mandatory viewing for everyone who has an opinion of Hillary Clinton. So much of what the media pushed has become the prevailing narrative of her life. What Hillary shows is that she is much more than those headlines.

Hillary is brilliant and insightful and a must-watch. But it is also a painfully depressing watch. Because soon you will realize what could have been.


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