Review: Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari SF70H, Bburago

The latest offering in Bburago’s Formula range is a 1:18 scale replica of Ferrari’s SF70H as raced by Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel in the 2017 F1 season.

In the world of collectible F1 scale models Bburago has been given the license to produce replicas of Ferrari’s racecars in the last few years. It makes sense as the manufacturer is of Italian descent as is the Scuderia Ferrari car. For those who aren’t able to shell out the big bucks on more detailed and higher quality models Bburago provides a budget friendly alternative.

The model reviewed today is Kimi Raikkonen’s no.7 SF70H Ferrari. The most striking features of F1 in 2017 are undoubtedly the transformed aesthetics of the cars, which is well represented in the model. It is a complete with wider tyres, shark-fin and T-wing the 2017 model which means you’ll need to make a bit more space on the display stand as it comes in at around 30.5 centimeters, or 12 inches, in length wing to wing.

The Ferrari red paint is ever present and expertly applied and without any running or smearing on the model. The specific hue of the red is nearly spot-on in comparison to the original and doesn’t have the sheen that is normally present on less expensive models. Similarly, the wing mirrors, telemetry antenna, and barge-boards are sturdy enough to withstand some handling without falling off, which is a plus for any scale model.


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Ironically, it’s often the less appealing aesthetic aspects of F1 cars that make for interesting scale models; the introduction of the step-nose designs in 2012 spring to mind. In 2017, it’s the much-maligned T-wing and shark-fin on the real car that actually adds to the appeal to the scale model. The proportions of the components too are perfectly measured. When comparing the 2017 model to its 2016 predecessor it’s easy to note the differing heights of the two cars with the naked eye. Similarly, while the front-wing lacks some of the detail of its real-life counterpart there’s no mistaking that the 2017 wing runs slightly closer to the asphalt.

The only minor gripe with the model is the placement of the driver. It’s evident that Raikkonen’s helmet sticks out to high above the cockpit and a little attention to detail here could’ve made the difference.

Overall, the 1:18 SF70H is great buy at the price it’s offered at and definitely worth adding to your collection. My recommendation would be to pick up your model from ck-modelcars who continually delivers excellent service and great prices.


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