Film Review: Geostorm

Normally, when writing a film review you’d try to not spoil the plot but in this case there’s no danger of spoiling the utter monotony that is Geostorm. Still, the trailer for Geostorm, directed by Dean Devlin, was intriguing enough to prompt you into watching it.

Similarly, the premise, which proposes that a network of satellites have been installed to control the world’s weather patterns, wasn’t too much of a stretch for the imagination either. When said satellites start to malfunction Gerard Butler, as the scientist who designed the system, is tasked with travelling to the International Space Station in order to rectify it and thereby save the globe from a weather apocalypse.

Alas, the poorly written script didn’t only result in a mind-numbing bore fest, which unfortunately lasted way too long, but also induced enough eye rolls to classify Geostorm as an epic fail. While it boasts, in addition to Butler, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia as part of its cast the characters are so feebly written that you’ll not be bothered enough to care about them.

While the fifteen or so minutes of CGI-driven destruction of some of the world’s most iconic cities are decent enough it simply isn’t enough to save the film or distract you from how poorly it’s been written. Yes, it’s a fictional story but because it attempts to draw realistic and contextual comparisons to real world politics the viewer will automatically look for accuracy in the writing. Needless, to say you’re in no danger of finding that in Geostorm. Instead, you’re left with an impractical and unrealistic plot that borders on insulting.

The simple fact is that Geostorm is not worth your time or money. If you want to see a film in a similar genre to what Geostorm attempted to be and one that is a true thought-provoking, thrilling visual masterpiece opt for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar instead.



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