#FigureReview: Tony Stark Funko Bobblehead

Alert Funko collectors! This review is focusing on the Tony Stark Vinyl Bobblehead from the Spiderman: Homecoming range.

If you’ve been collecting Funkos for some time, or if you’re new to the world of collecting, one of the main concerns whenever you get a Funko is the finish of the paint and whether or not it’s smeared. While you often have to hunt for Funkos that are finished nicely this figure’s paint is applied about as well as can be expected with the slightest bit of overrun from the hair.

The next concern if often how well the details have captured the essence of the character represented. For example, the faces of Funkos are all relatively generic with the dotted eyes and no facial expression. But with this bobblehead, and the addition of Tony Stark’s facial hair and iconic glasses, Funko has done a great job of capturing the spirit of the character.

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The face of this figure truly does capture the sarcastic Tony Stark quite well and it has everything to do with his facial hair, a well-painted soul-patch, and the slight slant of his eyebrows which creates the sort of bored expression that Stark often sports in most of the films he appears in. His iconic glasses, which are more of a Robert Downey Junior trademark than anything else, are well sculpted. The silver and gold finish and colouring gives the glasses a bit of sheen and certainly adds in helping to capture Tony Stark’s likeness. The hair too is sculpted in waves that are nearly identical to the character’s hairstyle.

The grey jacket is sculpted nicely and the detail of one hand in the pocket is a great addition to the figure, which again emphasis and reminds you of the essence of the character. It’s a fact that only Tony Stark could pull off wearing a kitty t-shirt in the film and on this figure. The graphic on the shirt is vibrant and clear enough to be easily recognized. The pants are straightforward black with nothing really noteworthy to mention. The black and white sneakers complete the laid-back look but could’ve been painted better.

Despite the fact that Funkos are completely made of a vinyl plastic, with no points of articulation, it’s impressive that Funko, is able to capture the likeness, and the essence of character as well as they do.



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